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Peculiar Travel Suggestions are Dancing Lessons from God” ~Kurt Vonnegut.

KIGA, meaning peace and happiness, is a company that believes Bhutan has something special to offer to a spiritually impoverished, socially troubled and ecologically destabilized world. Our endeavour is to offer you more than just the thrill of discovering a new country, satisfying your curiosity and enjoying some fleeting moments of fun. We wish to guide you through a spiritually nourishing and physically invigorating experience.  Our mission is to design and serve a unique and fulfilling itinerary for you.

We see holiday making as a pursuit of happiness – an experience that must spark and kindle that something within you to find a deeper meaning and joy in life, relationships, work and being. A holiday should not only rejuvenate you physically but mentally, spiritually and emotionally as well. It must take you back with a spring in your walk, colour in our cheeks, cheer in your voice, and a greater sense of motivation and vigour for a satisfying and fulfilling life.

We consider our role as a facilitator of your search. With this in mind, we will bring within your reach and experience the wealth of Bhutan’s astonishing biodiversity that is spread across its verdant Himalayan folds. We will share with you the splendours of our ancient cultural wealth of art and architecture, music and dances, folk- lore and crafts, wisdom traditions. We will share with you why, we as a people and nation, have chosen to be guided by a vision of happiness. It will be our privilege to be your guide, companion and  aide.

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