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Festival Tours


Festival Tours are planned to coincide with the annual ‘Tsechus’ or cultural activities that take place in almost every valley or major hamlet. These are mainly celebrations of religious or historical events. They can also be occasions to revitalize or commemorate myths, legends and superstitions that still abound and influence life in this land where the real the supernatural abide in harmony.

Tsechus normally are held over a duration of three days and are spectator oriented with monks and lay people taking turns to perform dances in flowing silken robes to the beat and tune of pulsating music. The dancers wear an endless array of masks representing real and mythical animals or gods and goddess as well as demons. The musical instruments include pipes, long horns of silver or copper, drums and cymbals of all sizes and sound. Folk dances are also performed by men and women without masks.

Tsechus brings people from all walks of life together in a joyous and festive environment. People come dressed in their best attire to celebrate and to be reminded  of the ultimate triumph of good over evil and the impermanence of life. What is particularly delightful is the evidence of the integrity of the extended family network that is to be seen in the multigenerational families who come and sit together and enjoy the day with deep affection, understanding, respect and care for each other.

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