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Bhutan has always been and will become even more of an exclusive destination as the policy of ‘high quality-low impact tourism’ is implemented with greater effect. This is necessitated by the vulnerabilities of our fragile ecology, culture and social structures. High-end resorts and services are being developed progressively and the existing hotels and infrastructure are being upgraded as well.

The “Discovery of Dragon’s Treasure” is a series of tour packages for those who seek an exclusive and luxurious stay in the land of the Thunder Dragon or ‘Druk Yuel’ as we call our own country. Reward yourself, enjoy the best.  Stay at five star / luxury hotels and resorts; rejuvenate your skin and vitalize your body in senusous spas; wine and dine amid splendorous comfort; get preferential service at boutique shops; enjoy a private cultural show, visit exclusive cultural sites, meet interesting people and most importantly, discover yourself.

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