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If your reason for traveling in the Bhutan Himalayas is to awaken and deepen your humanity and spirituality, we are the most sensitive, innovative and experienced company in the business. Founded on the deep knowledge and faith in Bhutan’s spiritual roots; Buddhist masters, practitioners and resources; astonishing flora and fauna and the goodness of the Bhutanese people, our goal has always been to facilitate a spiritually meaningful experience.

Bhutan is the hallowed ground on which have walked, meditated and taught  some of the greatest Buddhist masters. It is the only country in which Mahayana Buddhism is thriving with a vast wealth of tangible and intangible treasures preserved and largely accessible. Monasteries and Buddhist schools turn out growing number of great scholars, monks and nuns in search of enlightenment. It is an ideal destination for those who wish to understand and experience Buddhism or to deepen their knowledge and wish to practise. It is an ideal place to receive teachings from profound teachers and to engage in religious ceremonies and meditation, or simply offer butter lamps and prayer flags for the benefit of all sentient beings and world peace.

KIGA arranges a wide range of religious programmes to suit your needs on the basis of discreet consultation with interested parties.

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