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General Programme Content


All programmes are tailored to suit the needs of our guests on the basis of the following content  (mix of culture and eco tourism):

  1. Visits to sacred and ancient temples, monasteries and dzongs that gaze down from their lofty seats on mountain tops. Dzongs are massive castles that serve as both monasteries and seats of government. They are also architectural wonders and repositories of religious and cultural treasures.
  2. Treks/pony rides to cultural heritage sites not accessible by automobiles. This may entail camping in forests and meadows.
  3. Visits to museums, school of traditional painting and the indigenous medicine hospital.
  4. Observation of local artisans at work and their products or enjoy a Bhutanese movie.
  5. Witnessing of the wonder of water prayer wheels, unique to Bhutan; circumambulation of sacred stupas and temples; lighting butter-lamps in temples as you contemplate the well being of all sentient life and world peace.
  6. Being regaled with legends and myths about the sites and structures along travel routes.
  7. Stringing  and raising wind prayer flags at high mountain passes to promote world harmony and to improve your own Karma.
  8. Attending cultural events as and when they occur.
  9. Experiencing the hustle and bustle of the Centennial Farmer’s Market in the capital.
  10. Passing through scenic sites to observe Bhutan’s astonishing bio-diversity which is especially valued by the WWF – walk on a carpet of rhododendron petals in the spring; chance the sighting of rare birds and animals.
  11. Visiting a farm or village to observe seasonal activities – be invited to a cup of traditional butter tea flavoured with salt.
  12. Witnessing of  a colour-guard ceremony to raise or lower the national flag before the Office of the King  at sunrise and sunset –  where the military, the lay and the monks combine to create an evocative scene.



  1. Lectures on topics of particular interest from learned Buddhist teachers and engagement in a lively discussion on the purpose and meaning of life etc.
  2. Introduction to meditation and Buddhist practice by masters for groups or individuals.
  3. Participation in or hosting of religious/sacred ceremonies or prayer sessions in dzongs and temples.
  4. Meditation/retreat in monasteries or temples up to a period of one week. (Longer durations and private meditation rooms can also be arranged).
  5. Lecture or short courses on GNH and basic skills for wellbeing and Happiness.
  6. An evening with folk musicians and dancers over dinner; a sip of Chhang/ara to mellow the evening; a  walk in the moon light, shake a leg at a disco/ local bar.
  7. Be a Bhutanese for an evening or a day – wear Bhutanese gho or kira and join in a folk dance or take dancing lessons.
  8. A traditional soak bath containing aromatic and therapeutic herbs. Bath water is heated by white-hot river stones selected for their mineral contents.
  9. Yoga classes/sessions.

Arrangement of facilities can be made for spiritual groups that wish to be taught by their own teachers.

Tour planning and arrangement : Our guests are requested to kindly specify intended duration of tour in Bhutan and state preferences and special interests with respect to programme options, health conditions, dietary restrictions etc. These should be conveyed to us via email at our address:

Three alternative programmes will be offered on the basis of preferences and interests you communicate to us. A draft proposal tailored to your specifications will be sent to you by email in order for you to make your final decision. You must then advise us after consultation with your travel agency, the route you will take to catch your Druk Air flight (i.e. Bangkok, Bombay, Dacca, Delhi, Kathmandu, Kolkata (Calcutta) and Singapore. You must also specify as to whether you would like to travel economy or business.

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